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How to Access the Wget Source Code Repository

If you would like to help with development of GNU Wget, be sure you have subscribed to the GNU Wget MailingList. It's generally best to use the latest source code from the Git repository as a base for your development, rather than the latest stable release version: things may have changed drastically since the last release.

Current Wget development is hosted at the Git repository. Previously, Bazaar was being used and before that, Mercurial.

You can find more information about how to access the repository at this page:


See NavigatingTheSource for tips on how to find your way around the Wget source code.

Compiling From Repository Sources

See CompilingRepoSources for how to build sources obtained from the repositories; the repository sources lack some of the files that are present in the officially released source packages, which must be generated using tools that would not be required for a user building Wget from the released sources.

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