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Localized Option Names

A rather exotic idea, and one that has generally not been done before with other command-line tools, usually for good reasons.

Still, if done carefully, it could be a very valuable feature for non-native English speakers. Would be great for .wgetrc files, too.

Should probably be limited to romanized text, to limit character encoding issues.

Should be explicitly specified, rather than implicitly deduced (say, from env variables), so there is never any confusion about what language options are being expected in. And of course, the language for options in a .wgetrc file should not affect that used for other .wgetrc files, or the command-line.

Would need to use the existing .po system, to take advantage of the Translation Project.

Interoperability between people using different languages is an important consideration. Would need to provide facilities to automatically translate names to the canonical, English ones, both for commandlines and wgetrcs.

2017-01-04 00:04