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Bug Tracking for Wget

We currently use GNU Savannah to track our bug reports and feature requests. Quite honestly, Savannah sucks, and its interface is particularly cumbersome; we may choose to use something else in the future, but in the meantime, it did what we needed and was easy to set up.

Useful Queries

As previously mentioned, Savannah's interface sucks. So, instead of trying to figure out how to get Savannah to do what you want, you may find the following list of interesting queries to be helpful:

Are you looking for something to work on in Wget? Here's a query that lists all 1.x bug items, except for those that are assigned to someone, marked "Needs Discussion", or have a patch:

How To Perform Other Queries In Savannah

It is quite possible that the above queries don't quite cut it for you. In that case, you'll need to learn how to get Savannah to do what you want. Here's some basic information to that end.

First of all, please completely ignore the Search item under the Bugs menu in Savannah. It's almost completely worthless, as it is able to search only the bug Summaries (one-line description) and Details (the slightly more extended descriptions). It can't even search the posted comments (but as far as I can tell so far, there is no way to search those; use Google, I suppose...). Instead, execute your queries in the page that comes up for the Browse item in the Bugs menu.

There, at the top of the screen, you will find a box that says Display Criteria. Click on that label to open the box, which contains a web form that can be filled in to execute another query. By default, this will use the Basic query form with Simple selection. You will probably want to change the selection mode to Multiple, which lets you filter by multiple values, instead of forcing you to choose just one.

You'll probably also usually prefer the Advanced or Planned Release query forms to the default basic one. Advanced is similar to Basic, but adds a couple extra fields; Planned Release is a custom query form we've added for our purposes; it powers nearly all of the queries in the "Useful Queries" section above, but it does lack some of the fields that are present in Advanced, so there may be times when you prefer the Advanced query form to Planned Release.

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